Selection and Recruitment Processes

Everyone who desires to work with our group is subjected to a selection and recruitment process in line with current need and market and economic conditions. Each CV are evaluated. Selecting the employee for the most suitable position is possible with this method. Our group is unbiased in this process and works to direct everyone for the correct positions.

Our objective is to recruit the right person for the right position.

Recruitment Process

  • First, personnel profile(s) are determined for the need of the group.
  • The applications are made from
  • After the applications are evaluated, Interview Agenda for the suitable individuals are created.
  • The first interview is conducted with HR Expert.
  • The first group is selected after the interview.
  • Remaining candidates are interviewed for the second time and if necessary for the third time.
  • The second interview generally include General Manager.
  • The recruitment is completed with bilateral agreement.

Corporate Competences

  • Personal Integrity
  • Motivating the Employees
  • Directing the Employees
  • Developing the Employees
  • Team Spirit
  • Vision and Objective
  • Process Monitoring
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Customer Oriented Vision
  • Solution Oriented Vision
  • Openness for Change and Innovations
  • Openness for Learning
  • Positive Business Relations
  • Self-confidence
  • Analytic Thinking
  • Creativity

Career in Reis

The idea always “Us” in our company is provided with cooperation and trust in the business environment. “The Key of Each Success is Always Humans.” With this understanding we are moving forward as we are concise about the value of or personnel and their added value.

Being a part of Reis means being in an appreciated environment. The success comes from sharing. REİS is the company where manager-employee and employee-employee sharing is done under ethical values.

If you want to start your journey in a respectable and equal environment, our Group is the right place for you.