Dear Friends,

We have come to this day with all our colleagues, all our customers who support us and all our friends in the sector.
Our story in the logistic sector, our valuable growth, began with the establishment of our grandfather’s transportation storage. Despite the technologically difficult and primitive conditions of the period, they believed in this sector. The long-term patience of our family members and the rest of their family members, who have been in difficult conditions due to the circumstances of the conditions, have planted the seeds of today’s Reis Corporate Group.

Advices are transferred from one generation to the other … We cannot be a master without being an apprentice. We have witnessed our beloved elders for their working desires, their ability to overcome difficulties, their unwavering patience, their innovations, their honesty, their craftsmanship, their traditions of living the Ahi tradition, their respect for food, their visionary, their investment enthusiasm and their homeland. These qualities of our elders that we personally witnessed are in fact the forces behind our 78 years of logistic adventure. These principles, which are embraced by us, are the unchanging principles of the Reis Corporate Group. These principles are our guide that will never disappear and become obsolete.

It is possible to absorb all of these values in order to understand Reis. Reis, which has turned into an integrated logistic group which is among the few logistic service providers in the country in the field of small domestic transportation, has undergone a great change and these values have never changed. Another feature that does not change for Reis is the fact that we are a “logistic service provider”. All of our investments outside of logistics have been and continue to support this main business.

Reis is experiencing a rapid change and growth process in recent years. New investments continue to evolve with technological renewal, institutionalization efforts, restructuring, new companies, new markets, and new products. We are constantly searching for growth opportunities, making plans to increase productivity, supporting innovation, strengthening our technological infrastructure, and enriching our human resources. With this intensive agenda, Reis aims to be successful keeping up with the changing world by continuing to adapt the 21st century and preserving its traditional values. The continuing growth trend with these structural changes aims to make Reis a regional player.
This shows us that as a Turkish brand we must understand not only our country, but the world as well.

We need to manage our change process closely by monitoring the developments in the world’s economy and logistic sector. Changing consumer trends and improvements in transport technology are redefining the concept of “logistic”. Consumer expectations in the transport sector, our main business, are not limited to high-quality, fast, economic services. Our customers are expecting services that make their lives easier and increase their productivity. We are not satisfied with closely following the trends in the world in the logistic sector. By contributing to the formation of these trends through knowledge management, innovation, and R & D studies, we are trying to meet consumer expectations at the highest level.
Reis has always been sensitive to the social development of our country, our society. Our understanding of social responsibility is an approach that encourages improvements and improvements in education, the environment and health. In these matters, we will continue our collaborative work with our successful non-governmental organizations.

Our esteemed elders trusted in the future of this country and of us. Time justified them. We, who manage a brand born in this country, also believe and trust in our country and in the future of our country.

In a world that changes very rapidly and in a globalizing world we will continue to work on this challenging path we come out with, from year to year, with determination and every challenge.

We fulfilled all the obligations of being in the logistic sector. Because we believe that the only thing that will make us happy and successful is the satisfaction of our customers.

As our customer satisfaction is our main target, the satisfaction of our customers has led us to do better and we are now on our way with the latest technological equipment, experienced and well trained employees and philosophy which we have defined for us as hard working, gentlemanly and solution oriented. I would like to thank all of you who have presented all the logistic services we offer to you on behalf of my teammates.
As always, Reis will continue to be with you with the glowing face and creative solutions from now on. We will continue to keep our customers’ interests in front of everything while we are having fun, and we will work with you more and more to achieve the goal of achieving the best.

Erdinç KELEŞ
Reis Corporate Group