Performance Management and Evaluation System

The managers in our group is always coordinated with the personnel and the operations. Discovering and evaluating the dominant abilities is the key duty of our managers. This system provides the comfortable business flow of our employees.

Performance evaluation is important for determining the wages of the following period. Both corporate and individual objectives are determined. These objectives, process, and outcomes are compared and ultimate evaluation system is obtained after the interim period and 12-month period. Rewards are given based on objective-outcome relation. The seniority is considered in the evaluation.

The feedback enables us to determine the direction of development and enhancement. We are planning “How can we get better?”

Career in Reis

The idea always “Us” in our company is provided with cooperation and trust in the business environment. “The Key of Each Success is Always Humans.” With this understanding we are moving forward as we are concise about the value of or personnel and their added value.

Being a part of Reis means being in an appreciated environment. The success comes from sharing. REİS is the company where manager-employee and employee-employee sharing is done under ethical values.

If you want to start your journey in a respectable and equal environment, our Group is the right place for you.