While the first companies of Reis Group of Companies are family subsidiaries, in today’s global economy our companies are now on their way as multi-partner capital companies.

We have always set our investment priority as human, and we continue our path with this belief. It is among our primary conditions to ensure the happiness of our employees without discrimination of religion, language or race.

By adopting the principles of honesty, fairness and transparency, we have increased our productivity with our employees and have come to this point today. Learning and developing is our building blocks. This is what we want to see in our employees.

Our View on HR Management

  • Our Human Resource is the basic element of our difference.
  • We always strive for people to choose to work with us.
  • We evaluate and encourage the performance systematically.
  • We pay close attention to the equality of the rights and opportunities of our employees.
  • With a universal perspective and a proactive approach, we strive to identify and provide the workforce that the society needs now and in the future.

Career in Reis

The idea always “Us” in our company is provided with cooperation and trust in the business environment. “The Key of Each Success is Always Humans.” With this understanding we are moving forward as we are concise about the value of or personnel and their added value.

Being a part of Reis means being in an appreciated environment. The success comes from sharing. REİS is the company where manager-employee and employee-employee sharing is done under ethical values.

If you want to start your journey in a respectable and equal environment, our Group is the right place for you.