Environmental Policies

Since our establishment, we aim to protect and develop environment and natural resources. To ensure stability between the environment and global development factors, we declare the following commitments to present its Environmental Policy under our sustainability principle and work.

  • Meeting the requirements of related environmental legislation,
  • Determining environmental risks and eliminating such risks,
  • Protecting the environment and spreading this principle to the world,
  • The transfer of a hygienic and healthy environment to future generations,
  • To work continuously to develop environmental management systems,
  • All our employees in our group are educated about the environment to increase awareness of environmental safety from our employees to top management,
  • To engage in activities to support sustainable development,
  • To track all innovations and Research and Development work,
  • Being the leader in making environmentally sensitive investments, feasibility of the environmental effects of new investments, protecting the environment, establishing healthy, safe, and environmentally sensitive businesses,
  • To control and reduce the environmental effects that may arise from our activities through scientific solutions,
  • To raise awareness and encourage our suppliers about green economy studies,
  • To prevent environmental pollution, our company continually improves, commits, and declares environmental performance by following and adapting to legal, international legislations and customer requirements.